Award categories

There are 19 categories to enter and win, plus the Academic Excellence in Hydrogen Research and Innovation award and a final award for Outstanding Achievement, decided by the judges from all the category winners.

Eleven categories look at excellence and innovation in the use of hydrogen across industry sectors, including research and development projects:

A. Automotive (from motorcycles, through cars, pickup trucks and vans, to coaches and buses)

B. Aerospace

C. Marine

D. Mass Transit (locomotives and bus and coach fleets serving the public)

E. Road Haulage (all types of trucks for haulage of goods)

F. Utility (including on and off-grid applications)

G. Domestic

H. Industrial (including petrochemical, textiles, glass and metallurgy)

I. Electronics

J. Medical (including pharmaceutical)

K. Construction

Seven categories look for innovation and excellence in the production, storage and distribution of hydrogen, including related health and safety aspects, as well as in marketing and communications, research and development and training, and from installation, service and maintenance specialists, and innovation or developments in legal, financial and professional services in the hydrogen sector:

L. Production

M. Storage

N. Installation, Service and Maintenance

O. Distribution

P. Marketing and Communication

Q. Research Initiatives

R. Recruitment, Training and Development

S. Legal, Financial, Professional and Consultancy Services

Academic Excellence in Hydrogen Research and Innovation

Sponsored by HyDEX

This award, which is sponsored by the Energy Research Accelerator’s HyDEX hydrogen development programme, recognises outstanding research and innovation in hydrogen. Entries are for ERA partner universities (Aston, Birmingham, Cranfield, Keele, Leicester, Loughborough, Nottingham and Warwick) and the British Geological Survey. If you (or your research team) have developed an exciting new technology or breakthrough as a result of your research, or if you have partnered with business to apply your research to launch a new product or process, then you are eligible to enter this award. 

The entry form for this award – and ONLY this award – is here.

For further details, or if you have any questions, please email

Outstanding Achievement Gold Award

Outstanding achievement of the year cannot be entered as the winner is chosen by the judges from all the other category winners.

For more help on how to enter please visit the How to enter and Useful advice pages of this website.

Awards dinner and ceremony: February 23 2023


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