Each year the Hydrogen Awards will aim to recognise and reward those businesses around the world that are carrying out award-winning work. Greater and lesser scales of operation will be recognised for their work and judges will be chosen for their understanding of how the hydrogen sector works across the world.

The Awards seek out enterprise, innovation and excellence across the sector. But an awards competition is only as good as the entries received and we will continue to try to encourage the broadest possible range of companies from across the sector to enter the Hydrogen Awards in the years to come.

To add value to attendance at the Hydrogen Awards in 2025 the Awards dinner and ceremony will take place on the evening of the new Hydrogen Conference on September 9 at The Slate on the University of Warwick campus, CV4 7SH (/// guard.loudly.sides). The dinner will be a great celebration of the Awards’ finalists and  it will also be a brilliant networking opportunity for conference attendees.

Key dates

Will your entries be returned?

No entries will be returned after judging. They will be securely destroyed after the Awards ceremony has taken place. Entries that make the short-list of finalists will be used in the Winners supplement published for the Awards. Any information marked as confidential will be treated as such by the organisers. You are not required to submit production vehicles or manufactured products as part of your entry as the judges will be reviewing video files and press reports as well as company material submitted by entrants.

What will you receive if you win?

Every winner will receive a custom-designed trophy and a Winner logo for print or online use. The Outstanding Achievement winner and the winners of the Academic Excellence Special Awards each receive a striking, gold version of the trophy.

Highly commended runners-up will receive an acrylic trophy and a logo for print or online use. All finalists will receive a logo to display online or in print.

It is worth pointing out the all trophies can be fully recycled. 

Entries open: October 1

Time is always precious and sometimes writing an entry submission is one of those jobs put off until the last moment. For a helping hand to write your awards entries contact:

Please note that Boost Awards is a completely independent company that specialises in preparing Awards’ submissions. There is no financial relationship between the Hydrogen Awards and Boost Awards. The advice you receive from Boost is impartial, independent and confidential.