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Closing date for entries: September 30

Hydrogen is a big part of the world’s energy future: clean, efficient and abundant.

The Hydrogen Awards have been established as an annual measure of enterprise, innovation and excellence – in standards, implementation and thinking about the future and about bringing the use of hydrogen to all industries and sectors and to the public. While the Awards are based in the UK it is now obvious they have international appeal. If you would like to kept informed about the Hydrogen Awards please add your name to the Mailing List.

If the Awards interest you from the point of view of sponsorship, please complete this Sponsorship Enquiry Form.

The website is fully open and you can see the full list of categories and read the clear instructions on how to enter and the useful advice on what you will need to provide for the judges. Judges will be drawn from the international hydrogen community and will be active participants in development and use of hydrogen, both now and in the future.

It is a huge honour that H2 View – the leading publication on the global hydrogen sector – agreed to become the exclusive international media partner to the Hydrogen Awards. H2View, hosts hydrogen events around the world (such as their Hydrogen Summit in San Francisco in July) and has extended the reach of the Awards widely since becoming media partner

In addition,  HyDEX has become a supporting partner of the Hydrogen Awards, further extending their reach through Energy Research Accelerator (ERA) and eight Midlands Universities and their powerful relationships with industrial and commercial hydrogen partners.

2023 Awards

The winners were announced on February 23 at The Slate, on the Warwick University campus. The full list is on the Results page. 

Download the 2023 Winners Book 

You can view a gallery of photos from the 2023 Awards ceremony by clicking below…


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